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Who were the people

Surrounding "Buffalo" Jim Barrier's Death?

James “Buffalo Jim” Barrier

  • Former wrestling and boxing promoter, auto shop owner, mechanic, and Las Vegas personality feuding with Rick Rizzolo for over a decade to keep his business alive. 3

  • According to his youngest daughter, Barrier left his home at 7:20 pm the day before he was declared dead. 6

  • At 8:23 pm, he checked into the Motel 6 on Boulder Highway. 26

  • He was found dead of an apparent heart condition that the Clark County Coroner’s office said was brought about by cocaine use. Barrier's death was estimated to have taken place shortly after he checked into his room. 18,9

  • Witnesses stated that Barrier was alone at check in and that there was no activity around the prominent area that his room was located in. 14,11

  • A woman named “Lisa” is reported to have been in the room with Barrier, but left once he began to have a seizure. 15,18

  • Family request to exhume his body was not granted by the Clark County Coroner office. 21

    • The family believes the state of Barrier’s body at the scene of his death is similar to the circumstances surrounding the death of Ted Binion whose death was initially ruled accidental, but after exhumation, was later found to be a murder by his girlfriend and her lover. 22


Frederick “Rick” Rizzolo

  • Former owner of a controversial strip club, Crazy Horse Too since 1986.

    • The club was infamous for investigations into racketeering, prostitution, money laundering, and other alleged crimes that took place on the property. 1

  • Involved in a decade-long battle to force Buffalo Jim Barrier to vacate his mechanic shop to allow Rizzolo to expand his strip club. 3

  • Subject of FBI investigation. 3

  • Pleaded guilty to defrauding the US Government of taxes by failing to report on cash receipts on June 1, 2006. 1

  • Began sentence in the Los Angeles Federal Detention Center on May 22, 2007. 2

  • Released from custody on April 4, 2008. 10

    • Buffalo Jim Barrier was found dead 2 days later. 3,5




  • A woman allegedly with Barrier at the time of his death. 15

  • Few details have been confirmed about her, aside from police stating that “a woman” was questioned by them and released.

    • “We will contact her, or have contacted her,” Montandon said. “All of that will be contained in our final report.” 15

  • No last name nor other information is known about this woman that was with Barrier and left him in the motel room when he suffered an apparent seizure in the final moments of his life. 18

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